I have begining with two e-trip's caps on a empty stomach at 6pm. After one hour I feel the first effect, a kind of fun space-winds and I quiet environment were arrived. I started has to laugh about political talk-show, and I closed tv for walkin naturally environement, it's very important... My legs was broken, hard-boken, but I go out to see the stars in the sky, a fixed idea, in this moment. I walked a half-hour in a square and I pass the second step, from 3 hour. Many psychedelics vibes arrived from the ground and the sky to married with my enjoy minds, I explained my trip and laughed more and more.I get 2 caps for finish, and I get the second jet, real and trancendant travel in the space vibes... in spite of my ill-stomach. During my travel I speaked with a strong robot-cat will coming from the futur, I was helped by a doctor-reindeer riding on a dragon-horse and afraid by a small witch on syringe full of yellow-green moving-cloud.... The trip during 5 hours and when I find reality I just see kaleidoscopic hallucinations and funny circles of colors, not really powerfull-vibration lived before. A mystic and single experience of grow up in concience layers. Just a spirit-pass in this different dimension of this square. It was my first experience. good trip