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Liquid Culture vial

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The Mycomate® Liquid Culture is an innovative mushroom product. Just inject 1 ml of water with spores into the Liquid Culture vial and shake once a day.

After 2 to 14 days you will see mycelium growing. Fill the needle and inject into your grow kit!

The benefits of using Mycomate® Liquid Culture vial:


  • Colonization speed (growth) is double compared to the use of spores directly
  • Eliminates the need to re-shake bags or jars
  • Makes preservation, mass production, and trading cultures between associates simple
  • Can be stored in fridge for over a year without any negative effects
  • No need for sterile environment


Mycomate® Liquid Culture vials allow spores to germinate more quickly and mycelium to colonize the growth substrate bag in less time. A single colonized, vial may be utilized to inoculate literally hundreds of other vials and stored under refrigeration until required.

Empty syringe, instructions and some alcohol swabs are included.

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I just saw this 2014 comment and I thought, hey noone else ever said anything after lol. It's a great product, makes mushroom growing a lot easier. It does have an expiration date printed on the bottle, but I guess they just do it for legal reasons. It's a sterile liquid in a closed vial, what do you expect to get bad?


Does this product have a expiration date?


Hab 5 ml Sporen auf 5ml Culture geimpft. Innerhalb von 2 Stunden konnte man die erste Bildung von dem Geflecht sehen (Ampullen auf eine Wärmematte gestellt)
Folgetag 1/2 der kompletten Culture mit Geflecht bedeckt. Nach 2-4 Tagen bereit zum Impfen.



very good for beginners or clumsy growers,
who cannot work properly without gadgets.

they really make a child's task so much easier.

great stuff ;)


I work with these for a long time now and
they are just great for quick use.

Not cheap, but worth their price for unusual strains.

Works great with non-psychoactive shrooms too !

Maybe they are cheaper at some other stores,
but if I order everything in 5-10 different stores just
because of the price I´ll get mad with shipping costs...

Thanks for bringing these to your store !

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