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Goed voor concentratievermogen en zenuwstelsel.

DMAE (DiMethylAminoEthanol) wordt aangetroffen in vissoorten, zoals sardientjes en ansjovis. De stof combineert een krachtige bescherming van gezonde cellen en weefsels met een stimulerende invloed op het leer- en denkvermogen.

De cel- en weefselbeschermende eigenschappen van DMAE zijn onder meer te danken aan het feit dat deze voedingsstof een efficiënte anti-oxidant is, die schadelijke zuurstofdeeltjes wegvangt. De beschermende invloed van DMAE wordt nog vergroot doordat deze lichaamseigen stof tevens zeer effectief de celwanden in goede conditie houdt. Als zodanig is DMAE in staat de weerstand van celwanden tegen vrije radicalen en andere schadelijke invloeden te verhogen.

Ten aanzien van de bescherming tegen ouderdomsverschijnselen is het vermelden waard dat DMAE ook de vorming van lipofuscine (ouderdomspigment) helpt voorkomen.

Het belang van DMAE voor een goede hersenfunctie is onder meer te danken aan het feit dat deze voedingsstof, die van nature in de hersenen voorkomt, kan worden omgezet in choline. In de hersenen fungeert choline als een voorloper van acetylcholine, een neurotransmitter die voor uiteenlopende hersenfuncties zoals geheugen en leervermogen, heel belangrijk is.

Door stimulering van de aanmaak van acetylcholine kan suppletie met DMAE resulteren in verbetering van het geheugen, concentratievermogen, bevordering van de alertheid, stemmingsverbetering en helpen bij vermoeidheid.


Neem dagelijks 1 capsule.


Samenstelling per dagdosering (van 1 capsule):

DMAE 130 mg.

l(+) dmae bitartrate, vulmiddel (cellulose), 00-vegacapsule, antiklontermiddel (vegetarische magnesiumstearaat), antiklontermiddel (silica).


Een evenwichtige voeding bevat voldoende vitaminen. Voedingssupplementen vormen geen vervanging voor gevarieerde voeding. Buiten bereik van kinderen houden. Aanbevolen dosering niet overschrijden.

In geval van zwangerschap of borstvoeding voor gebruik eerst uw arts, apotheker of deskundige consulteren.

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It works really well for me. I notice I can concentrate better at work, and find it less difficult to handle problems, work fast and react quickly. I take a whole pill 4 days a week, although, in the beginning, I had to build up the dose - I started with half a pill, as more would make me feel a bit nauseous and wired. This product has really helped me!


  • + Engaging
  • + Good for weed smokers
  • + Quicker thoughs
  • + Very focused
  • - Dilated pupils (bigger)
  • - Stomach hurts
  • - Takes 30-40 minutes before it starts


This is the first time I've tried DMAE.

Everyone else in the comments seem to have gotten a bit different results.
For me it was a pretty interesting experience. In fact, I'm still a bit buzzed from my first pill.
I started feeling a little quicker, more focused and more engaged with what I was doing.
As I'm an active weed smoker, this definitely helped to speed me up and got my ass moving.
It does make you a little bit less happy though, your mindset is locked in a more forward-looking mood. It hurts a bit in the stomach too, but it's definitely worth it.

For anyone wanting to clean up their clogged mind, this is a good relief.


  • + Höhere Leistungsfähigkeit
  • + Konzentrierter
  • + Schönere Haut

    Super Produkt! Kann es nur weiterempfehlen.


    Je suis très contente de ce produit, en effet, j'ait toujours souffert de problèmes de concentration, maintenant je peux me concentrer sur mon travail sans me distraire toutes les 20mn. Je me sens aussi plus calme, moins nerveuse. Ce produit fonctionne bien mieux que le NZT2 qui lui, ne m'a pas convaincue plus que ça.


    Siceramente abbinato a Life Force Multiple ne ho ricavato parecchi benefici, lo uso saltuariamente per qualche giorno abbinato appunto alle vitamine che ho citato, non ho mai riscontrato effetti collaterali negativi con i dosaggi indicati.
    I vantaggi che ho riscontrato:

    Maggiore energia mentale
    Incremento della memoria a breve termine e della prontezza cerebrale
    Maggiore motivazione
    Miglioramento incredibile dell'umore

    Io soffro di depressione da anni... Mi è stato dato di tutto, Da quando ho iniziato con il dmae la situazione è migliorata esponenzialmente, anche se consiglio di prendere la mia recensione con le dovute precauzioni in quanto è soggettiva e il consiglio di un medico è d'obbligo.


    I am loving this.
    This is gonna be a huge review.

    Just bought second bottle (100tablets), been using here and there over 3 years.

    I would like to contradict the "don't take before bed" notion.
    In fact, I have only been using it right before bed. (after some time of experimenting)
    It indeed affects the sleep, but in my opinion it affects it positively. I will come back to this later.

    I have been usually taking it either few days in a row (about 5 max, or tolerance kicks in), or just at random days not in a row, but lately quite often with not so many breaks.

    I would also like to note that Iam a cannabis smoker and this has quite big impact on my report. And that's also one of the reasons why I like DMAE effects. It takes many of the side-effects of the daily cannabis smoker away. Memory issues, concentration issues, laziness issues, waking up in the morning issues, or etc...

    At the beginning I was using the whole tablet, but I quickly got tired of the side-effects like nausea, headache, jiterryness / nervousness, muscle twitches, cramping, aggression, pressure in the stomach, the "must do something" nervousness, or etc.... I then later eliminated most of them by using just half the tablet. At this dosage I only get a slight headache once in a time, but it isn't even any really annoying headache, its just there and you don't mind it terribly. I would say the positive effects are much better at half the tablet or they stay relatively the same as whole tablet or they are much better because of the less side-effects.

    (Half of the 130mg tablet, just cut with scissors. Need extra edge? Leave a bit more than half

    My age 22, my weight is about 60kg)

    Time of the dosage:

    At first I was taking it in the morning, sometimes added one more dose in midday. Not feeling very good if taking whole 130mg tablets and certainly not good if you take 2 in a day + stomach gets hard/pressured. The alertness is kinda there but the side effects break it a bit.

    Found out that this was not a very good way of doing it (at least for me).
    Later after a long break, I moved to a single dosage right before sleep. The latest before sleep the better. I also tend to put it into capsule so it starts later.
    Melatonin once in a time is fine and can probably enhance sleep even more, but not needed IMO.
    I would also say the effects are MUCH MUCH more noticeable when taken in this way before sleep, rather than morning or over day.

    BTW I usually have trouble falling asleep, but that's also without taking DMAE in the evening and I wouldn't say this anyhow affects this...in other way it never increased my trouble of falling asleep when taking DMAE in the evening. I recently discovered Melatonin which I take when I have my usual trouble of falling asleep, I would say it gets better with it. But then I also always fall asleep with a computer running with some videos/tv shows/movies or etc... so that's mainly my reason for melatonin.

    Sleep effects:
    Sleep will be VERY light (depending on dosage). Tiny things can wake you sometimes (I don't have trouble falling back to sleep though) . In fact some nights, it will seem like you never slept at all...like you were still aware of your surroundings (this doesn't happen always). BUT you will feel EXTREMELY refreshed and feel like you slept really well. Even just sleeping for 6 hours. (sometimes I would say its not good sleeping 8 or more hours while on DMAE, it doesn't work that good after that...but that's very variable). For me personally I feel like I had much better sleep than without DMAE. (As I said this is also very much affected by my use of cannabis)

    Maybe it stimulates the regeneration of the sleep? Just speculating, though. :)

    There was a time when I just kept over sleeping to work because alarms didn't wake me at all, or I was so tired that I turned alarms off without even knowing about it. I would sleep 12-16 hours without alarm (on day offs), not like I needed to sleep this long, it was just way too hard to wake up....smoking cannabis in the evenings is one of the reasons too.
    After taking DMAE right before bed, I just simply woke up at the alarm like nothing. Sometimes even seconds before it started ringing, heh. Feeling absolutely refreshed and mostly FOCUSED right when I got out of bed.

    (-Sidenote: Of course this is probably not the solution for the rest of your entire life, but I believe you can get into habits much easier with the help of DMAE.
    Lets say you would have trouble waking at alarm or so, like me. You could use a DMAE helper for some time and develop a habit of waking up. In my experience I have developed a habit of waking up on alarm and now its easy to do even without DMAE use.)

    Sleep side-effects:
    Although, there is a small side-effect that sometimes happens when you wake up. Slight confusion. Only happens for few minutes. Probably happens more on higher than half of the tablet doses.
    You just wake up not knowing where you are, kinda like you are still dreaming but awake, or you forget what you need to do or something in that way (mind sleeping, body awake). Its really nothing serious though and only lasts for few seconds or minutes and as I said only happens sometimes.

    Also when taking first or second day (sometimes even third, or sometimes doesn't happen at all). You might get kinda bizarre dreams and/or nightmares. Very vivid. But that's also nothing serious, and I would say that you will experience those kind of dreams at some point in your life even without DMAE. Its just that they are tiny bit weird which is definitely the effect of DMAE, Its really hard to describe in what way are they weird. But I kinda enjoyed them. There is quite a lot of subconscious clues in them and you might at least have some clues about what your subconscious is thinking about. I would probably say that DMAE dreams have a bit more of those clues of your subconscious. But that's just rather a speculation.

    Also, dream recall is much better.

    Overall effects on me include (at around half of the 130mg tablet, at before sleep):
    At short time intake: Enhanced concentration (I can do work with as many as 0 mistakes), enhanced learning, enhanced imagination, many different cognitive enhancements, alertness, shorter sleep needed 6 hours can be enough, feeling very well in the morning / very slept and very focused. Improved mood and mostly HUGE anti-anxiety effects with confidence which for cannabis smoker like me is a gold.

    Long term intake: Meaning that I have been taking it over 3 years, and I have used about 120 FULL tablets by now. Remember that I was mostly cutting the tablets in half in that time period.

    Also I would like to note, that its very hard to know what I gained by DMAE and what I gained by simply improving my way of thinking and managing my mind, but I would definitely say that DMAE helped me with improving in this way.

    -Recall of very old memories. Memories I have never remembered before accessible like nothing. I know I was reading that it "rewires" your brain, my understanding of it is that it will renew connections in your brain and therefore for example you will get access to memories that you might have forgotten. I definitely noticed something in this way.

    -Generally improved memory connections.

    -Learning and new memory...after long time taking it, the learning effects came to another level. Before, it was quite hard for me to remember just few longer numbers for example. Sometimes remembered some of the numbers wrong. Today I read the numbers and its pretty easy to keep it in my mind. In fact I have definitely noticed an improvement in learning instantly, meaning that I will simply write it in memory pretty much instantly, I don't need to learn something over and over to keep it in my memory. Of course its not completely like that with everything, but there is definitely a HUGE HUGE improvement in this way.

    Most of the things I learn one time and remember. Same kind of improvement goes for habits and I would say its much easier to change and keep habits now. Mind seems more flexible / plasticity of the brain is IMO improved A LOT.
    I would also say it helps get better at pretty much anything you do, especially because you are alert and kinda slightly pushed to do something instead of doing nothing, because of that kind of nervousness that slightly pushes you to do something.

    -Possibly nicer younger skin (?). This is really hard for me to judge, because I don't put any focus on this and also because I have improved my way of life during the use of DMAE, but I would probably say that my skin is more flexible and nicer, but as I said that might also be for other reasons, so its hard to say. I know I read its supposed to stimulate regeneration of new cells and etc.. I was just never sure if this also applies for tablet form of DMAE, there might be something on that.

    Tolerance (at around half of the 130mg tablet, at before sleep):
    It seems like tolerance will start building after pretty much the first use.
    But you can somewhat keep most of the effects over the 5 days of the week. Its better to reset the tolerance at times, though. Then start with half or less of the tablet and add a bit every day to compensate. But I think its better to just leave out some days. Example: take Monday Tuesday, leave out Wednesday, and take Thursday Friday. Or any other combinations, or leave out more days. I usually don't take over weekends, unless special occasions. And I sometimes have longer breaks, especially when I reach the point when there isn't much difference with or without.

    I would say there are some subtle effects even if you take every day for longer that don't come down with tolerance, but they aren't all that good and its not worth it, also some of the side-effects are gonna be surely appearing.
    I know that its possible to have a pretty high level of the effects for 3 days in a row.

    Notes and downsides (at around half of the 130mg tablet, at before sleep):

    -There isn't many huge downsides that I would notice.

    -I don't recommend full tablet dose.

    -At full tablet dose, there can be quite a lot of aggression effects, small things will piss you off and they will piss you off a lot. This is also one of the main reasons I switched to half tablet dose, its completely gone on half tablet dose. !Be very careful with that on higher doses!

    -There might be a slight body load after using some days, sometimes.

    -One of the side-effects, that kind of nervousness that makes you want to do something, that you don't want to just sit, but do something...at least when you were already doing something before, but you took a break for example, you want to come back to continue doing it because you are a little bit wired if that's the right way to describe it. This might be good and bad, depending on what you want, its slightly forced but not terrible...its definitely not very good for just sitting calmly.

    -Other thing I have somewhat noticed is the kind of hunger (its also really hard to accurately say if this was solely due to my DMAE use or other things as well) I have noticed the increased need to eat, drink, or even smoke cigarettes if you are a smoker. I know the first time I started using the whole tablets, I started eating more, being more hungry, probably due to increased energy output. This was very positive for me, because I was before eating rather less than I should. But I might have also created habits on some more situations for smoking (cigarettes).

    I am not really saying anything here, but IMO there is a possibility to get a bit more addictive to things like Food or smoking or etc.. it kinda seems like you speed up a tiny bit and get a bit more hungry. But I really dont have enough evidence to surely say any of this.

    -Make sure to keep your diet healthy and full of nutrients.

    -Sometimes slight headache and/or pressure in my head. As I said this is not that much intrusive at all, its just there and you don't exactly mind that much, because its slight. At least on half tablet dose.

    -IMO many of the nootropic mixes that contain DMAE, their most noticeable effects come mostly from DMAE.

    -After stopping the use, there might be a slight feeling of not enough energy. This might partially come from the fact that its a (mild) stimulant and you might get used to the elevated energy and alertness levels and after stopping you just get back to normal level of energy. I would say that its memory effects can stay long time or permanent, after a long use of it, but the alertness is only temporary. But I would say, that you can get into the habit of setting yourself alert. This is all however also hard topic for me, because...again...of my cannabis use, which will definitely put my energy levels down, which creates a lot of confusion about what's actually making the effects.

    -I have no idea what effects will this all have on me in the future, so I don't in any way endorse the use of this.

    I hope I mentioned everything :D


    I take 2 pills just 1 hour before exams or for learning. Really seems to help. But its still no miracle cure.

    And don't take before sleeping...all your learning stuff will come up and your brain's too busy to fall asleep ;)


    Super efficace!

    1 comprimé le matin 30 minutes avant de déjeuner, et je suis refais pour la journée!

    Augmente la concentration et améliore l’humeur.


    au début 1 tablette par jour puis 2 puis de nouveau 1 à cause de migraine peut-être causée par le DMAE.
    Sinon, les effets sont bien présent: réflexion et concentration accrue et même un rêve lucide en bonus :)


    Also Mann muss kein Kickin effekt erwarten, aber beim lernen mit freunden ist aufgefallen dass ich angefangen habe leichte 3fach Integrale im Kopf zu rechnen, wo meine kommilitonen doch eher alles ausführlich ausgeschrieben haben. also kam er schleichend aber geht dann sehr gut, kann man nur empfehlen


    Sehr gut. Unglaublich gutes Mittel. Hält seine Versprechen.


    Das Zeug hat zwar die anderen Uppers/Wirkstoffe die ich in mir lowdose wirken hatte, (DMAA, Synephrin, Theobromine, normales Koffein, Guarana, Taurin) mit einem Schlag verdrängt und mich wie über-nüchtern fühlen lassen, aber die Wirkung auf die Gedächtnisleistung war beeindruckend.
    Gerade weil ich in nem gepushten, extra herbeigeführten Zustand war um die ganze Nacht zu zocken vor der Xbox.

    Hat mir zwar den Plan total verhagelt, weil ich ruhiger und klarer wurde, aber das wirklich deutlich wirksam. Nix mehr verplant, Auffassungsgabe extrem erhöht. Zum lernen super.


    Wirkt meiner Meinung nach definitiv, am besten sind 2 Tabletten auf einen Schlag.

    Ich fühle mich kurz nach der Einnahme wesentlich klarer im Kopf, kann mich besser konzentrieren (Musizieren, Programmieren, Designgeschichten) und die Gedächtnisleistung wird erhöht.
    Ich fühle mich auch am nächsten Tag durch den besseren Schlaf wesentlich ausgeruhter und leistungsfähiger, auch bei wenigem Schlaf.

    Nebenwirkungen habe ich soweit eigentlich keine gemerkt, schlägt wie so alle Tabletten ein wenig auf den Magen, allerdings geringfügiger wie beispielsweiße Koffeintabletten.

    Die Wirkung ist wohl eher subtil, man geht nicht direkt auf 180 hoch wenn man die Dinger einschmeisst, das hier ist nun mal kein Speed und das ist gut so, für mentales Arbeiten perfekt geeignet.


    Wirkt absolut nicht!!
    Gleiche reine Geldmacherei wie mit Ginko und co
    Die anderen Erfahrungsberichte sind so übertrieben dargestellt und hochgepriesen dass es sich nur um Fakeberichte handeln kann. Reine Werbung für das überteuerte Produkt.

    Von mir keine Empfehlung!


    Gutes Zeug zum konzentrierten Arbeiten, 2 Stück und es geht gut von der Hand!

    Sehr Empfehlenswert!


    All ready took it for a month now and it's not working for me ! I bought it after I read the reviews here. I will never buy this any more ! it's just a placebo effect nothing more. so disappointing product :-(


    I took them for 5 days now, and i´m really surprised how good they work!
    I expected them to get me more concentrated and to increase my social skills (like talking with people i dont know that well) and it´s awesome! I can study or learn or do work for a long time without getting unconcentrated. It seems like my thoughts are much faster :)

    Didn´t notice any negative things yet, so definitely worth a try from my part!


    Phénomenal, mes trous de mémoire ont disparus, j'ai une meilleure vigilance & concentration, en bref ce qui est décris est bien vrai, merci Azarius !


    Tolles Produkt, der Kopf arbeitet definitiv flüssiger! Bin begeistert!


    I was thinking about writing a blog for this, but I assume people check the reviews more.

    Second time buying this and I though I should share my experience.
    I was pretty impressed with it the first time.

    I think this has to be used in a different way than lets say caffeine.
    This has to be taken on a general basis to feel the real effect.

    +30m after taking:
    I become calmer, but not slow. I'm coding at a steady pace. I don't doze off or visit youtube, reddit or any other distractions.
    I become more alert. But besides that nothing really special.

    +7 days of taking daily.

    My speech is improving. I'm normally an introvert and avoid conversation or strange people. I would start to shake and be afraid to look people in the eye when talking to strangers. Suddenly I find myself meeting new people and mid conversation thinking : "Wth this is new ..."
    It makes me more social and emotions are more stable.

    When I'm reading or following a lecture in school I remember more and it is easier to understand maths. I don't doze of. Later in the week I still remember more than I did before.
    Memory has definitely improved.

    Here is a big change. I don't really know why but my dreams are more insens and lucid. Perhaps it is because my memory has improved but I remember on an average 5 dreams when I wake up.
    When my alarm goes off I feel like I just woke up from a nap. A little dozzy but not trashed at all. I would say I'm sleeping more lightly but I'm fully rested.
    This is a supprise, but I'm glad with it. I'm really not a morning persone at all.

    During the first time I took it, there was some tolerance after a few weeks that I noticed. I assume this will happen again and just take less or take a break. Which definitely isn't a bad idea.

    Negative effects:
    All positive effect and no negative ? Of course not.
    While I took this supplement I noticed a little extra stress in my muscles, mostly my jaw and neck.
    So would this be because of the supplement or something else ?
    I researched it and it appears that choline has a function to do with muscles reactions, so I assume it does.
    To check this I upped my dose.
    And yes, dmae is indeed to blame. When taking more the stress increases. A little massage and the problem is solved.
    But I would think everyone reacts different to this. Some people will feel more, other people might feel nothing. Like a friend of mine who also tested this with me.

    Conclusion: This has increased my life quality without a doubt. I love the extra concentration and social improvements. Is this a placebo ? I don't think so, but I can't check this.
    I won't take this for ever, but I help me in certain periods.
    I would give it a go. The negative effects are minor and the muscle tension goes away the next day if you stop taking it.


    Efficacité très douteuse. Les fois où j'ai eu l'impression que ça marchait c'était quand j'en prenais les lendemains de soirées, ça m'accompagnait dans la gueule de bois en me rendant "tout doux"...

    Sinon aucun effet de type concentration, ça doit pas marcher sur moi.


    Pures Placebo. Damit lässt sich gut geld machen.


    Also nach meinen ersten beiden Versuchen mit DMAE (1x1 Tabellte & 1x2 Tabletten), war ich schon übelst enttäuscht, denn von den hochgepriesenen Wirkungen von denen hier in Reviews berichtet wurde ("frisch geteerte Nervenautobahn" etc.) habe ich absolut garnix gespürt... Ich hab schließlich sogar bis auf 4 Tabletten hochdosiert (hab sie immer frühs, nach dem Aufstehen und vor dem Frühstück eingenommen). Aber auch dabei habe ich die erhoffte Wirkung nicht gespürt.
    Warum also dennoch 4 Sterne? Nun ja, ich hab irgendwann mitgekriegt, dass die Wirkungen einfach nicht so dominant und offensichtlich sind, wie ich das erwartet hatte, sondern eher zurückhaltend und unterschwellig. Kann natürlich auch alles Placebo-Exxekt sein, weil ich mir so sehr wünsche, dass das Zeug wirkt, aber daran glaube ich eigentlich nicht.
    Ich nehme jetzt, wenn ich am Tag viel lernen, lesen, o. geistig arbeiten muss , 2 Tabletten. Die Wirkung ist, dass ich dann ganz entspannt über lange Zeit meinen Aufgaben nachgehen kann. Das war für mich der auffälligste Effekt: Die Zeit verfliegt völlig unbemerkt. Man liest und liest und vertieft sich fast automatisch in die Arbeit und merkt dann irgendwann, dass schon Abend ist. Es gibt aber eben keine aufputschende Wirkung, die wahnsinnig wach machen würde und natürlich auch keine motivierenden Effekte - den inneren Schweinehund muss man also immernoch selber überwinden ;)


    That'is the best thing I've ever tried to learn better for university. Much better (for me) than famous concentration enhancers like Lecithin and Gingo Biloba.

    With DMAE, I can be calm and learn the whole day long (about 12 hours / day). Best Brain-doping ever.


    Na een hele rits aan homeopatische middeltjes te hebben geprobeerd was me de moed bijna in de schoenen gezakt. Ik was al tijden op zoek naar een middel om mijn concentratie en spraakvermogen te verbeteren maar de aangeschafte pillen hadden geen enkel effect.
    Op naar de zoveelste telleurstelling dacht ik toen ik (toch nog met een sprankje hoop) dit middel bestelde. Al een paar uur na het slikken van het 1e pilletje merkte ik effect. Waar ik tijdens een gesprek altijd moeite had mijn aandacht bij het onderwerp te houden koste me dit ineens geen moeite meer. Ook is mijn spraakvermogen flink vooruit gegaan. Ik vermeed voorheen gesprekken omdat ik bang was vast te lopen. Deze blokkade lijkt nu voor een groot deel te zijn opgeheven. Ik ga makkelijker gesprekken aan, en ik merk dat het me minder moeite kost om mijn verhaal te vertellen. Wat mij betreft dus ook een aanrader voor mensen met spreekangst.


    Dit is echt briljant spul!! Het geeft me een relaxt gevoel en ik kan mijn geheugen dusdanig goed gebruiken dat het echt waar blijkt te zijn dat het cognitieve functies verbeterd!
    Voor diegene die een slechte concentratie hebben vanwege bijvoorbeeld ADHD of ADD echt een uitkomst! Diverse onderzoeken hebben aangetoond dat het een goed werkzame stof is die bovendien veilig gebruikt kan worden! Lees daarover meer op:



    Unlike other reviewers I don't get a stimulant effect, however I do feel calmer.
    Other people report that speech is better when taken DMAE, weird but I found the same effect.
    Dreams become more intense and nicer.

    You don't get a rush like with caffeine that makes concentrating easier. This makes me calmer ( for some reason) and the learned items just remain in my memory instead of floating away like it normally does in a few days.
    The first few days I thought it was just a placebo effect, but after I am positive that it does have some effect.

    Thanks Azarius


    You even cannot take this daily, too excited then. But it works, your Memory works alot better.


    Hallo!! Kann die Dinge bestens empfehlen. Der Kopf wird klar man wird wacher, fitter, aufmerksamer. Gerade für Leute, die viel mit dem Kopf arbeiten müssen sind die Teile gemacht. Power fürs Gehirn. Pobierts mal aus.........!


    I haven't felt the extra brain stimulans that much (yet), like studying crazy and remembering everything.

    However some other effects appear: I have become more social (aka, I'm not afraid of saying something towards people I barely now) and I can answer more quickly, without the need to care about it.

    I had the best effect with only 1 pill. 2 pills a day makes me think too quickly (lol) so I get tired way too soon. Could be a placebo, but don't think so ^^


    In de eerste 4 dagen á een weekje merkte ik dat ik hyper gevoelig werd voor indrukken en omgevingsfactoren. Op sommige momenten zelfs down door de DMEA, naarmate ik het langer ging gebruiken merkte ik, zoals ook in het begin dat ik mijn leerstof Wiskunde en Engels beter kon onthouden. Ik kon beter concentreren en de zinnen en woorden die mijn docent mij tijdens de privelessen gaf sloegen in als een bom, ik zag de verbanden sneller, maar nog leuker was dat ik gewoon enkele dagen erna de toegesproken woorden nog steeds door mijn hoofd hoorden galmen, echt geweldig!

    Dromen werden intenser, en het allermooiste, de dromen gingen zelfs over de leerstof. Mijn visueel vermogen werd zeker tien keer beter. Mijn spraak werd uitmuntend, ik hoefde niet meer zoveel na te denken bij wat ik wilde zeggen, ik kan de woorden die ik zoek beter vinden en mijn geheugen is erg verbeterd.

    Dit spul is verbijsterend en voor mij zeker de moeite waard om het te blijven slikken. Gewoon waanzinnig!! Zoals ook in een van de andere reactie's te lezen is; ik geloofde er eerst ook geen zak van.

    Ik ben minder moe en ik krijg gewoon zin om constant mentaal overal mee bezig te zijn. Gesprekken die eerst moeilijk te volgen waren zijn nu echt super makkelijk te volgen. Voel mij ook vrolijker en praat echt super snel op sommige momenten.

    Voor alle niet gebruikers, het is de moeite waard om het te proberen en wie weet helpt het ook jou in het beter leren en concentreren!



    Normaal geloof ik niet in die kruidenmengsels die je slimmer maken, dus kocht ik dit maar en het werkt! (voor mij)

    Ik wist wel wat het ongveer doet, maar ik kon het me niet echt inbeelden.
    Toen ik de tablet slikte, merkte ik al snel dat ik wel redelijk sneller kon denken en praten, zonder dat ik vastliep of vergat waar ik over praatte (tja dat heb je als je wiet gebruikt!)
    Denken gaat lichter en vloeiender.
    Nu al na een paar dagen dit slikken, merk ik ook dat ik sneller wakker word.
    En ipv Koffie, Thee of Chocola neem ik een tablet hiervan.
    Je kunt het niet vergelijken met cafeine, theobromide of amfetamine ofzo.
    Het maakt je wat actiever, sneller in denken, scherper, oplettender, meer aandachtsenergie, net alsof je ontzettend goed geslapen hebt.

    Ik ben zeeer tevreden erover en dus vind ik het een dikke 5 sterren waard!


    Neuro-Enhancement auf Bio-Basis: Diese Dinger kann ich euch empfehlen! Dein Kopf wird unendlich klar dadurch, als ob deine Nervenautobahn grade frisch geteert worden ist.

    Erinnerungsvermögen und -geschwindigkeit sowie rezente kognitive Leistungsfähigkeit werden um mindestens 100 % verbessert. Die Teile sind absolut magenverträglich und setzen etwa 1,5 bis 2 Stunden nach Einnahme ein, das Wirkungsspektrum erreicht seinen Kulminationshöhepunkt nach etwa 4 Stunden. Müdigkeit ist wie weggeblasen, konnte unter DMAE-Einfluss 12 Stunden lang (!) konzentriert wissenschaftlich arbeiten, anschließend keinerlei Schlafprobleme gehabt. Überhaupt scheint es keine typischen Nebenwirkungen zu haben; die ideale Unterstützung für Examensstudenten oder die nächste Steuererklärung.

    Lediglich fest stellen musste ich, dass man keine anderen psychoaktiven Substanzen damit kombinieren sollte - nach dem Genuss eines Joints, noch während der vollen Wirkung von DMAE, bekam ich bald eine Art psychotischen Schubs, der glücklicher Weise nach einigen Minuten autogenen Trainings wieder vorbei war. Innerhalb dieser Minuten habe ich mich allerdings extrem schlecht gefühlt. Des Weiteren eignet sich DMAE wahrscheinlich nicht für den Langzeitkonsum; Acetylcholin wird auch im Zusammenhang mit Anti-Demenz-Mitteln oft erwähnt, wenn der Körper einmal eine Toleranz darauf ausgebildet hat, könnte es unangenehm werden...

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